Click each type for details. (All price with tax included)
¥2,500 ¥3,000
¥4,800 ¥5,800
¥7,000 ¥8,000
¥2,000 ¥2,500
※Walk-in only for SUNSET PLAN

HELMET ¥500 (per Day)
WAISTBAG ¥500 (per Day)
BACKPACK ¥500 (per Day)
FLASH LIGHT ¥200 (per Day)


Presentation of ID required for each person (Bike not rented without ID)

1. Any of the following is allowed as ID, Driver‘s license, Health insurance card, Student ID, Passport and Foreign registration card.
2. Minors under high school need ID and parent‘s consent, so let us know beforehand. (Bike not rented without confirmation of documents)


All customers are insured against bicycle accidents, and expenses included in rental fee.


In case of cancellation, please be sure to notify us thirty minutes before scheduled time.


Violation of traffic regulations is strictly prohibited.


Equipped with suspension fork.
Easy riding with over twenty-one speed!

Equipped with dual suspension for off-road riding.
It's a good chance to try high-grade MTB!

A must item to protect your head

A little bigger
Good for snap shopping

Recommended for mountain bike riding

On and blink, a must for night riding