Because of the characteristics of Mountain bike-MTB, like all terrain FAT TIRES, reliable GEAR SHIFTS, effective BRAKES and a peculiar COMFORTABLE RIDING POSTURE, MTB gives you an easy ride.
For those who want to stroll leisurely through the town of Kamakura without worrying about hilly and crowded streets, we recommend our rental MTB. As the MTB specialist we carry first-class brands bikes, so you can ride around the sea and mountains stylishly.

How about pedal your MTB and spend a fun time around Kamakura?

No Trouble On Any Terrain

Our retail MTB have three cogs in the front, seven and more cogs in the rear, so more than Twenty-one speed will give you an easy riding at any road situation.

No Worry of the Traffic Jam

Narrow and mazy streets of Kamakura are always crowded and jammed by the tourist buses and trucks. But by MTB, you’ll never get caught in a traffic jam and able to stroll around Kamakura as you plan.

Well-Maintained Our Rental MTB

We rent first-class branded MTB, so get a rare chance to try the high-quality MTB.
As the MTB specialty shop we always keep our rental bikes in good condition.