Ride around on a bicycle throughout Kamakura town


Visit Hachiman-gu ( Shinto shirine ) and historic old temples of Kita-Kamakura ( North Kamakura ), and then to Take no tera ( Bamboo temples ) on the way back, enjoy plenty of Kamakura on Komachi-dori.

First of all, aim for a fortune at Zeniarai-benten ( Sarasvati ),and become broad-minded at Daibutsu ( Great Buddha ) and Hase-Kannon ( Goddess of Mercy ), then pedal toward Inamuragasaki.

Sea course

For the beach side lovers. Ignore the traffic jam and pedal toward Enoshima, Kugenuma and Chigasaki alongside of Route134.

Ride through Zushi and Hayama-marina to Goyoutei-Hama ( Imperial Villa beach ) and feel aristocratic tastes. If you feel hungry, then pedal up to Misaki at once!!

Why MTB?

We consider MTB is just right for strolling through Kamakura town that surrounded by the sea and mountains.